Roaming elemental: The rebellion FINALE pt 1

He fell to the ground like an unsteady dummy crashing to the floor. By now Hallow had called several clocked men and women to come forward and kill Luna but she came prepared. “Preloto!” A ring of fire emerged out of the cold, darkened night burning the people who come in it. “You didn’t have to kill him!!!!” the rage made the fire grow to a mini bushfire,

the story continues at 2019…the beginning of the end




























Roaming Elemental. search of the stone

After Luna disarmed him with the Electric wolf, she sprinted towards the stone which was floating on the gloomy water. ” ICIO!” A floor of ice appeared to stop the lethal water burning through the skin. She sprinted towards the stone but, “Trekol” said a calm voice. Luna was tangled in vines, unable to move. Then a man with dark hair appeared from the nearby trees surging with dark electric bolts. “Well well well, some kids have been poking around my stones.” He took a deep breath and sighed. “You shall die like the others I’ve slain because I am Hallow, the man who knows the art of teleportation.” Luna gasped while Draco giggled. “You think I am scared of you, your just us,” said Draco. “Maka.” And with a gasp, Draco toppled on the ground………..


to be continued

100 Word Challenge:1 (29/11/18)

Today’s prompt is….We seem to be on television……

I hope to use more intreging words👌👌👌

It was a stormy night for sillver rod city, while most people were either sleepy or drinking but a man with a black cloak teleported through the dark forest murmuring jibberish, then a boom occered sending sparks across the air, burning through the damp yet solid trees. And then after all that, the man vanished into the thin air….


the news of our town burning to dust starstruked the mayor and local police so i decided to invesigate…

The Roaming Elemental: The battle of the Lake Of Darkness

“There, there. All you have to tell me, is were are the stones. Said the angry Luna. “Never!!!” Said Draco bitterly. “Alright then, LOCO!!!” Soon enough,Draco was screaming with pain and blood was easy to see through his skin. “GHAAAAAAAA!!!!” Draco was on the ground, groaning with pain. “OK,OK the psychic stone is at the Lake Of Darkness.” Luna looked at him, As if she was stunned. “The lake of darkness, its material is unknown to man even the wate-” “Topo!” said Draco, and both of them teleported to the lake of darkness……..

Boom!!! both Draco and Luna toppled on the ground near to a dark and gloomy lake, even crows nearby were scared. When Draco got up he attempted to escape but was stopped by a rock  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Draco got up and cried an elemental attack… “Fara lama!” And there it was a burning dragon circling the air until it flew directly to Luna. Luna fired back with an electric wolf and both collided making Luna and Draco topple backwards.

the roaming elemental pt 1

England 1960

“Hey Mate I saw something move in the forest.” It was 8 o’clock on Saturday night when some security guards saw something move. “Eao!” they both yelled and there hands were armed with a blue thunderball ready to throw them. Suddenly a voice screamed “Sufo!!” a dark thunderbolt hit both of the guards. “Chari!!” The men were now hovering in the air while the man stood there. His hair was black and his veins were black instead of green. The man who goes by the name of Jeff finally found his voice. “You are the murderer, THE MURDERER!!!.” The man cried “Maka!!!” Jeff fell to the ground. He was dead…


Meanwhile( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In the forest a man was running through the hard trees and prickly bushes of S.T Marine throwing fireballs. “Fodiso!” He hit nearby trees over and over again while the person behind finally hit him with a thunderbolt. The women had white hair while the man had red hair. “AYUO!” The man was hovering in the air trying to get out. ” Draco give us back the stone!” Said Luna “I WILL NEVER GIVE IT YOU STUPID PIECE OF-” But his words were cut short when some rocks covered his mouth as if it was a mask. “There there. All you need to tell me is were are the stones!!!”


The burning monster pt 2

In the omega village a man was hysterically laughing at the volcano erupting a giant volcanic monster roaring to the weak city. “Finally, the town will fall to it’s knees!!!” said the mysterious man. Dan realised that voice, “Hey, aren’t your the former king?” “Yes” Dan was shocked to know this but he realised there was a bigger threat in front of him. For a fact he knew how to use a sword and bow. But he knew that it would not take just that to end that big thing. then he remembered he left a sledgehammer at home after all he did demolish houses for a living. So he ran to the house. The bad thing about it is because his house is in the far end of the town. So he had to run across the maze of houses hitting a pole or two, but that did not matter since a giant thing was chasing him across the town. When he made it to the house the monster grabed his jacket and at the same time he grabed his hammer and SMASH!!! A whole lot of rubble came down. The monster was dead

The former king stopped laughing and started to dissolve into dust and sure enough he was also dead too…

but another threat is coming…

Mario Kart 64: the broken series

the mid 1990s a domination in the tech industry happened. Google was being one hell of a search engine, mobile phones were being used regularly, and video games were entering 3D graphics. It was the 3rd generation of games… though when us today look back at it, we think it as a broken time, and in this text we are mainly focusing on Mario Kart 64. Yes the 2nd instalment in the franchise. As well as being one of the most famous,it also is the most broken racing game out there.


Mario kart 64 came on (you guessed it) the Nintendo 64 in 1998. It was a promising game by selling 10 millions worldwide.

Usually speedruning a Mario Kart game would be racing across the track as far as possible which I will cover another time. But in Mario Kart 64, it mean’t something else. Later in 2013. The speedruning community had a main focus. to finish the game as fast as possible. you might think this would be an insane task. but with some “minor” glitches, A normal person could complete all 16 tracks in 40 minutes. So lets start with the most infamous…


Choco Mountain.

The choco mountain glitch is a hard thing to pull off in one fast run. when your halfway through the course, there is a big hill that has a barrier. If you can jump at the right frame you can do a wall jump. Wall jumps are a huge key in Mario kart 64 speedrunning because you can clip through barriers and walls.when you look at the map, near the middle is the part that separates the track above to the bottom. A fun fact about the shortcut that it was found weeks after the game got released.

I really want to talk about Choco Mountain more but i need to get into more shortcuts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Luigi Raceway

After coming out of the tunnel in Luigi Raceway, head toward the part where the grey wall meets the brick wall off to your left. Look for the sixth brick from the left, and use a mushroom to blast toward it (right behind a tree). Now jump with the R button as soon as you hit the wall. If all goes well, you’ll jump over the wall and skip the final curve of the course, saving you some precious seconds. Note: This trick is hard to do consistently.


Toad Turnpike

Select any driver and make sure to have the map selected on your screen. Drive along the regular course until you come to the part where the map overlaps itself. Now make a sharp 90 degree turn to the right, and head for the guardrail, but keep jumping with the R button until your kart lands on top of the guardrail. At this point Lakitu will tow you back onto the course as usual. As soon as Lakitu sets you down, hold both the A and B buttons down and hold the analogue stick to the right, so that your driver will do a spin turn. Do the spin turn until your kart is facing 90 degrees to the right, and release the analogue stick and the B button. At this point, you will see your kart driver from a profile view. Now jump with the R button before you make contact with the guardrail. If all goes well, you will jump through the wall and off the course into a lake. Depending on where you land, Lakitu may tow you onto a later section of the course!



Wario Stadium

The first part is easy; just drive into the wall at the beginning of the course at full speed and jump just before you hit the wall. It is recommended to use any of the four hills at the beginning to increase your chances of jumping the wall. The next step is trickier and will require some practice. Head back toward the wall which you just jumped over, but look at the part where the finish line is. Drive at full speed toward the spot where the finish line intersects the wall, and jump just before you hit the wall. If your timing is right, you will jump over the wall. Be sure that you land behind the finish line, or the trick won’t work. Now drive past the finish line to get a very fast lap. If you manage to take both shortcuts on all three laps, you can finish the entire course in less than half a minute. It is possible to do both shortcuts without using any mushrooms.




burning monster pt 1


2000 years ago, a myth of a burning monster destroyed the city of Pompeii in Italy. no pictures or drawings of the burning monster has been found………….until today.

chapter 1

A boy called Dan lived in a village called the Omega village, the village is located near the omega volcano. inside is the burning monster. Everyone does not believe its in the volcano. Dan went to the shops to buy a shirt and apples when suddenly a man wearing a blue mask dashed to the volcano. another man screaming at the other guy saying something about destruction at the volcano. The moment he stopped talking everyone screamed and ran off the shops. Dan was dumbfounded, he got out of the shop to see a big magma looking monster erupting from the volcano below the volcano the same man with the blue mask was there. his mask was lighting up to the volcano. the man screamed: ‘Its alive!!!


to be continued…

prefix work

in words


intake meaning: an amount of food, air, or another substance taken into the body.

dis words

distract,dislike,discontinue, district,

dislike meaning:feel intense dislike for.

mis words


mistake meaning:an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

These are just a few prefixes i could make so please use them well

What a mess!!!! pt 1

One day at bombillyburg,Tom Door was doing his job at the NPPOA [nuclear power plant of Australia} and he was rapping up his shift when he accidentally pressed the laser in space reactor!!! Sadly he did not notice this dumb mistake he had made and went home while the laser will kill tons of people. When he went home, the laser that he triggered hit Japan city Tokyo. He woke up dumbfounded by the news saying: TOKYO DISAPIRING OVERNIGHT!!! Tom was worried all right… but nothing scared him more than a big screech that morning. Tom opened the door to find a supersonic car in his backyard.A man comes out of the car saying to worried tom: ‘Come with me.’