My Birthday

This year’s birthday was really special because i turned 10 last week. The birthday party happened at strike and we did 3 laser tag rounds, YES!!! 3 laser tag rounds. we had a lot fun and we did so much laser tag that our hands sweated on the gun. So that was my birthday party for you and thanks for reading.


The Blobfish is a deep sea fish fish that lives in the coast of Australia and New Zealand.The Blobfish has no predators due to the acid skin and their main lifespan is 130 years! Blobfish don’t have muscles or bones in their body which makes them easy to rip apart.

What’s Ramadam????

Ramadan is a Islamic celebration that happen’s every year. It is about when every Muslim in the world do not eat food from sunrise to sunset. at 6:00pm everybody has a really big feast. Then after one month, everybody from my family come’s for a big breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is called Eid. I should also mention it also happens again a couple of months again.